CalBQue Table Analyzer Tool

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What the heck is this?

  1. There's a lot of valuable intel in those tally sheets, but it's difficult and tedious to drill down and mine the meaningful big picture for your team.
  2. The CalBQue Table Analyzer Tool takes the drudgery out of analyzing your tally sheets - just select contest from below and start exploring.
  3. Want more? Sort on almost any column to answer the important questions - is it time to change flavor profiles or stay the course?

Would you like a contest added to our database?

  1. Would like your contest added to our database?
  2. It's really easy, Simply ask the KCBS reps to come and -- Click Here -- it's free and as easy as can be!
  3. Feel free to -- Contact us -- to email tally sheets or any other issues


  1. This tool was built to assist teams in mining the wealth of insight contained in contest tally sheets, and to evaluate a teams performance against the tables landed on versus other teams and tables. Please use the information to decide when it's time to change your flavor profiles versus when to stay the course.
  2. Please use this information for good, and please do not use it to make negative commentary towards sanctioning bodies, reps, judges, promotors or teams.

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